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Mentoring is active listening, learning and sharing experiences from a mentor to mentee with an open mind in order to gain confidence and awareness for mentee to solve the challenges.



Mentoring is a dialogue- a mix of questions, explanations and answers. Questions are formed according to the end goal and are focusing to define the situation and offer best practice solutions.



The bases for mentoring is human trust not status or high position. Mentor shares personal experiences “been there, done that” and is partly or fully responsible for the solutions picked by mentee. Responsibility in this partnership is shared.



Personal development of every executive is his or her personal responsibility. Jack Welch has said “you can grow your business only if you grow your people” – meaning that only if you develop your people your results will be affected. If you do the same things you will get the same result.

Jim Collins added to that “get the right people to the bus” – in order to perform you need to have the competencies and the attitude. Culture is even more important – it has been added to that quote that “get those right people to the right seats and equip them with the right tools” – give them all they need to perform.

It gets pretty lonely up there on the top floor. Pressure is constantly on. You need to perform in delivering the results, lead the teams by keeping everyone present and happy and grow with your personal competences.

You may feel stuck in your present seat, work or project. There’s not much to look forward to, everything seems the same and no one is there to awaken your potential, get you to learn some new skills. It is time to look for a mentor. Someone who could help unleash the potential in you by sharing experience, telling stories and sharing the network.







Top executives, management teams, specialists recently promoted to managerial positions, managers with team members from different cultures and countries.




You gain more confidence to face and solve challenges in work and personal life. You will get better understanding in:


You will get to work with tools like GROW model, active listening, scaling and few more that will help you to focus on acute business issues and deliver results not only by yourself but also through your team members.


You might get some new network connections that will help you with next step in your career or business.

  • what are you good at

  • what makes you happy

  • what needs to be improved

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