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activity based management system


Continuous and consistent implementation of business strategy, connecting performance with measurable indicators and making sure that the activities in focus are the ones that take us to the desired result is a challenge. Activity based management system (ABMSystem) provides a tailor made management tool that is built upon business strategy, key targets and financial forecast and ties activities to strategy.  


ABMSystem enables:

  • Unified, clear and structured understanding of strategy, business and result driving activities throughout the organisation.

  • Clear and structured understanding of targets, activities and impact to the result, ensuring everyone to step as one.

  • To identify blind spots first hand.

  • Top-down, peer-to-peer and bottom-up overview and prioritisation of activities to reach targets.

  • Involvement of the whole organisation. Information freeway top-down, peer-to-peer and bottom-up.

  • Measurement of progress and impact of activities with numeric performance indicators.

  • Gearing down strategy to individual level, ensuring commitment throughout the organisation.



ABMSystem development starts on top management level. After ABMSystem on top level is completed the implementation, gearing the system down to middle management, division, individual level and communication to whole organisation will continue.



The objective of the top level ABMSystem is top level commitment on high level priority areas, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and KPI values.


During the development phase of the top level ABMSystem the following tasks will be completed:

  • Corporate strategy studied and reviewed.

  • Present activity areas and KPI’s analysed.

  • Strategy correlation with current activity areas and KPI’s assessed.

  • Business driving main activity areas identified.To measure progress and impact of activities in every area the KPI’s or MPI’s (Measureable Performance Indicators) are set and agreed.

  • ABMSystem report format agreed.

  • KPI and MPI data collected, dynamics of the historic data analysed.

  • First findings and conclusions, focus activity areas identified.

  • KPI/MPI targets set.

  • ABMSystem communication structure and follow-up routines agreed.



The outcome of the process will be a tailor made ABMSystem model with KPI’s and MPI’s. KPI and MPI definitions, numeric values, near past data dynamics and targets. Implementation communication plan and follow-up routine.


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