Thriwing towards balanced leadership

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

This September Maarika Liivamägi had an opportunity to chat about Balanced Leadership idea with Blanca Vergara from MentorWE project.

Balanced Leadership is an ultimate search. We hear about bringing in women with different dynamics into the businesses and organisation. To find the right balance between competences, generations and other business critical components seems easy in theory. It is not only about introducing  more women to top positions, its about finding right balance in leadership that actually comes within every individual person. The more balanced individuals the better leadership. Expectations to leaders grow not daily, but sometimes every hour. To adjust by adapting to the needs of new generation, you have to be ready to learn new skills and also unlearn the ones you are used to. Leaders who possess the curious mind will learn new “tricks” and keep teaching others. Sharing personal stories always help to find connections.

Here is a story of her becoming a leader and what she has learned along the way.