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Today’s business world is based on stories. Malcolm Gladwell has claimed in his book “Outliers” that doing something for 10 000 hours will make you master in the particular field. Persistence is important, so is focus, routine tolerance and motivation. Stories about real life experiences can provide that motivation. Knowing that not you alone face the challenges at work and in life. Challenges and change is the new normal. How to find motivation to master the next challenge is a million dollar question. A good story can be a start to that.

Sometimes the answer to that lies closer than we realize. Sometimes it makes sense to listen to stories of others.

Sometimes a good story is enough to regain that motivated feeling when you got to do your very first assignment, with excitement of doing that real thing with clear purpose. We all need that.


Inspirational speeches are stories about:


  • Building international brands

  • Inspiring the team of 1000 salesmen

  • Climbing to global corporation’s executive suite 

  • Mastering different Business Cultures

  • Leading international negotiations

  • Implementing cross border service strategies

  • Starting own company

  • Being present



Jack Welsh



Teams and executives in search of new ideas, best practices and stories to learn from.



  • Gain confidence - by learning and listening to stories of other executives you will obtain courage to dare more.


  • Be able to generate and implement new ideas – some ideas are worth copying, by adding your own experience you will bring along totally new quality in what and how you do things.


  • Learn to inspire others – leader’s role is to empower, by being a role model you encourage others to follow. In the end all that will lead to stronger motivated teams.

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