We are seasoned executives with global expertise who solve strategic and operational management challenges by working as interim managers, coaches and mentors side-by-side with you.


Collaboration with diverse firms from finance, insurance, retail and consultancy has given confirmation that no matter the industry managements face similar challenges.

We have used different tools to approach the obstacles and have cherry picked the ones that have given greatest impact. We help executives and managers to implement these tools via training, consultancy or mentoring.


We strive to ignite inspiration, find hidden opportunities and to build teams' confidence through experiencing success. We find common grounds with companies, executives and managers who have passion to learn and to grow. 

LEAD by clear communication
GROW by growing your people
PERFORM through strong strategy and execution

founder and partner

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“In our multiple projects of working with Mae Hansen  - WeXelerate has gained a slice of her strategy expertise. This in turn has allowed the review of the start-up business model. Having an executive level external partner who digs into the details of the operations is rare, yet exactly what’s given us the valuable support to review the start-up business. Mae understands the business from roots up and will walk her talk. Her support to executives and senior managers through pointed questions can be painful at first, but is the necessary step toward progress. The working relations have been more than fruitful with her.”

Gabrielle Costigan, Managing Director, COO; weXelerate (Austria)


Topic: Interim Management

Focus area: Business Model Finetuning, Service/Product Development